5 myths on avoiding a DUI charge

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When going out for drinks with friends, you might be under the belief that there’s a trick to avoiding a DUI charge. People often spread misconceptions about avoiding DUI charges, often because they were lucky or were told the myth by someone else.

To ensure your night isn’t ruined, you may need to debunk some common myths. Here’s what you should know:

Myth #1: Use a penny to disrupt a breath test

Truth: Breathalyzer tests use a combination of chemicals to evaluate the blood alcohol content in someone’s breath. If these levels exceed 0.08%, then a driver could be charged with a DUI. It’s often believed that having a penny in your mouth when you take a breath test will disrupt the chemical combination, however, there’s likely no science behind this.

Myth #2: Drink coffee before you drive

Truth: To avoid the suspicion of drinking while drunk, people may try drinking coffee to seem more alert. However, the feeling of adrenaline is often only temporary and may make certain actions more erratic with the mixture of alcohol.

Myth #3: Take a nap before you drive

Truth: One quick way people think helps with inebriation is napping. While a nap may make you more alert, like coffee, it doesn’t remove the alcohol concentration in your blood.

Myth #4: Drive slowly to seem sober

Truth: People may try driving slowly when they’re drunk to avoid suspicion and, while it may not cause suspicions, it can still lead to a DUI charge. In an accident, even if it’s not your fault, police may find you were inebriated.

Myth #5: Eat a lot of food to soak up the alcohol

Truth: Eating and drinking lots of water while having alcohol can help reduce the effects of drunkenness. However, as stated above, alcohol is still in the body and may be read during a breath test.

If you’re facing a DUI, you may need to know your legal options when creating a defense.