2 benefits of going through the Illinois drug courts

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Quite a few people accused of criminal activity in Illinois broke drug laws. There are regulations that apply to prohibited substances and also controlled substances, like narcotic pain relievers. Just possessing, making or purchasing a specific substance could lead to an arrest and criminal charges.

Many people struggling with a substance abuse disorder might also violate other state laws, possibly theft or shoplifting laws, as a means of supporting their addiction. Those accused of both misdemeanor and felony offenses in Illinois can sometimes request to have their case heard in the Illinois drug courts instead of the criminal court.

What are the benefits of drug court proceedings rather than a criminal trial?

Defendants receive support while pursuing sobriety

Those who qualify for drug court proceedings will typically have a documented substance abuse disorder and therefore require treatment. Counseling and rehabilitative services provided during drug court proceedings can help people make sense of their substance abuse disorder. Those who understand why they abuse certain substances can more easily find the willpower to stop and to avoid situations that could trigger a relapse in the future.

Drug testing and frequent meetings with court officials can help encourage sobriety. People who know they must answer to others may have an easier time meeting specific goals. Those who commit to the drug court process can potentially make sense of their substance abuse disorder and stop truly using an intoxicating substance.

They avoid criminal penalties and records

The biggest benefit of going through the drug courts is that the focus is on rehabilitation, not punishment. If someone completes the process successfully, they can move on with their lives with few long-term consequences.

If someone successfully completes the drug court process in Illinois, they won’t have a conviction on their record for the offense for the original offense. They also won’t have to worry about serving any criminal penalties beyond the obligations imposed by the drug courts. At the end of someone’s drug court proceedings, they can walk away without any criminal record.

Determining if your pending drug charges might qualify for drug court proceedings any one way to limit the consequences of a recent arrest on your future.